How To Pray For Healing


How To Pray For Healing

3 John 1:2 says “ I pray that everything goes well and you be in good health your body as well as your soul”. The bible tells us to pray to God for healing, and the blessed will heal and recover their strength no matter the pain you might face. Seek for the healing as God helps the people who are sick and depressed, allowing you to comfort our mind, body and spirit if you are learning about ways that you can heal with the help of God we have some healing prayers which will help you in your ultimate healing.

A prayer for healing sick family and friends

We thank the Lord for your love has helped us stay healthy. Where there is an illness, your presence is required for healing of the soul, mind and the body. I ask you to help heal the wounded. Psalm 107:19-20, calls you the Eternal one who in order to heal can rescue from every certain death. There are many miraculous things about you that the bible cherishes and I believe that you can hear us and we bed for your grace as we want to heal the people who have fallen for the disease.

My life on earth is one where I have sinned, but with your grace, I would like to make sure that I get the chance to make it right. Help me understand your plan and allow me to know where I belong. I thank you, God, as you control everything that is happening around us from the first breath we have taken to the last sigh that we take. Amen

Prayer for healing from depression

Lord, it seems that the world around me is collapsing everything is trying to drag me into a deep pit. I am here close to you surrendering my self as I am desperate for your guidance. I am helpless and afraid. Please, lift me up and show me the way which will guide me in the right direction. I ask this in your name, our Lord, Amen.

A prayer for healing and grace

We confess that we need your love to help us heal within your grace. We need to understand hope and work on behalf of those who we love. Forgive us as without you we will not be able to fix the situation on our own. Forgive you as we ran all the direction and ignore your way. Now we come to you to ask for forgiveness and help us understand your plan. You know our pain, the burdens we have carried throughout the years, help us as we need to be set free. Heal us your grace and allow us to see your mighty power. We need you today, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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